How to Qualify for Nutanix Certifications


What’s Nutanix Certification? What is NTC certification? NTC certification is the official certification, the proof, that you are a legitimate Nutanix certified professional and properly validate your skills, knowledge, and ability to properly track, manage, administer, troubleshoot, and deploy Nutanix appliances. Nutanix certifications opens a wide door of opportunities, Nutanix having high demand and good reputation in the IT industry as well as other MNCs and big companies are offering good salary and full-time job to qualified Nutanix administrator / analyst / technician / expert to handle the management of the Nutanix appliances

There are different levels of Nutanix Certified Associate (NCA) that you can choose from. They are the Associate, Advanced, Expert, Master and Professional. The Associate level consists of two or three training sessions; one on NOC (Network Operations) and other on ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library). The Associate level is not applicable for the advanced or expert certifications. The Advanced and Expert certifications consist of one and two-day training sessions respectively. On the other hand, the Master and Professional level requires you to attend several trainings and conferences; all these trainings are specially designed to educate the professionals.

Besides these two levels of certification, there are some additional training programs offered by Nutanix itself. One of the training programs is Nutanix, it is an advanced training program that is exclusively meant for the professional and expert users. The next is Nutanix II, it is a complete training program that covers many topics related to Nutanix such as network administration, network troubleshooting, web server administration and web based configuration management. It also has special course on installation and configuration of NOC.

Apart from these two training programs, there is another training program provided by Nutanix is Nutanix, which is also an advanced training course which is meant to train the professional or advanced users to provide them with more insight into the Nutanix technology and its functioning. You can also take an online exam called “Nutanix Exam” to test your knowledge on Nutanix software and its function.

With these, the whole world of Nutanix NCA-5.15 has become more vibrant and people from different parts of the world are getting involved in this business. This business is booming and now it is considered one of the most profitable businesses. It is being operated by big and small MNCs and IT companies as well as private organizations as well as other public sector companies; their aim is to provide you high quality IT services that will help you in managing the Nutanix infrastructure.

This has created a huge demand of professionals to work in Nutanix environment as they are able to handle the entire infrastructure effectively and also meet the demands of their customers. Their goal is to provide better and more efficient services to the customers. And they will provide you the best technical support. So, if you too want to join the team, get yourself a Nutanix certification as it is a very lucrative opportunity. In fact, more than ever, it has become very attractive because it is also increasing in demand.